pay per click marketing
Pay Per Click Marketing

A successful pay-per-click advertising campaign brings excellent business returns and brand awareness of your product or services. Pay per click marketing is a fierce industry, other companies are always competing against you for positions in search engine results, aggressive bidding can occur, you may find yourself in a gap so you're paying more per click than you need to be or you may lose your position due to being outbid. We can make sure this doesn't happen. We have 6 years experience in ppc management. If you're simply too busy to manage your own campaigns, you really need PPC management. We can track your conversions down to each keyword.

We can set up PPC accounts on all 4 of the major networks, through these you can reach over 90% of all UK internet traffic, you can even appear worldwide should your product or service reach that far - USA, Australia, Europe and the Far East are all covered, all countries can be reached via PPC. We can research your website and make sure you're covered in all areas that reflect your business, so only people searching for your product or service will click to your website.

To put it simply, you will "bid" a price per click to be in a specific position on the search engine results for a particular search keyword or keyword phrase you choose.  For example, the #1 position on the search phrase "pay per click" may require a bid of £1.67 per click, but the 15th position requires only a bid of 23p. The budget that you decide and your willingness to bid will dramatically impact your website's search engine position when the search engine displays search keyword or keyword phrase results. 

Although your website name or URL will be displayed in the search results at your bid for position, you are not charged the pay-per-click "bid" until a searcher actually clicks through to your website name.  What position you want and what you are willing to bid to achieve the position is totally up to you, you decide, but, pay-per-click marketing offers one very big advantage.  It will enable you to achieve a top result or high ranking search engine position almost straight away.  If you want to draw traffic to your website fast for any reason, pay-per-click marketing will make that happen!

Let's look at the reasons for and against pay-per-click marketing:  

Pros :

  • It quickly Improves your website ranking and increases traffic.
  • Swiftly tests the online marketability of your website's product or website service.
  • It will determine the ability of your web site to perform and convert visitors to sales/leads.
  • Rapidly identifies the keyword phrases providing the best conversion rate.
  • You have complete control of the search engine campaign, both position and spend.

Cons :

  • The pay per click costs, that's it!.

We do not charge a set fee for every client as we believe each case is unique and what we may charge for an international pay per click campaign is not suitable for a small UK only campaign for a home run business, for example. Also the size of the pay per click accounts are a factor too. We can manage budgets of tens of thousands of pounds per month or £300 per month, we treat each equally as important. We have experience in all industries with pay per click so can provide you with a complete service. Contact us for a quote and to discuss your requirements, contact us here .

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